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Two companies provide paid adverts in cinema’s either: Pearl and Dean: or Carlton Screen Advertising: which can provide some extra income for each film. The adverts come in once a week and if you are lucky are already made up for you.

Trailers and Posters

National Screen Services, now owned by Carlton Screen provide trailers for films. Details at:

Film Booking

Film Booking. City Screen provides film booking services for indepdent cinemas:

Cinema Programmes

Cinema Programmes to look at:

Cinema Treasurers

It was a plan to create a database of cinema information, providing details of a cinemas screen size, seating capacity, ownership and a wealth of other information. However while researching information I came across the website which pretty much does all the things a cinema database should do and a lot more, plus on a global scale. It is a really good site and has a wealth of information and news – some of the other topics include: Theater News Book Project, Cameos, Demolitions, Digital Cinema, Events, For Sale, Help Wanted, Industry News, Memories, Openings/Closings, Preservation Alert, Restorations/Renovations, Site News, Theater News, Theaters In Need, Today’s Newsreel. One of the other great things about the site is that it also provides a CINEMA TREASURES as well. So that is: XML feed

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