Michael A. Kerins

Dear Comrade:

While in my twenties I worked as a Projectionist, mostly in Newport, RI and Southeast Mass. I worked Drive-in’s, X Houses, and Art Houses. Dig this….

A few days before Christmas I’m working at the Jane Pickens Theater in Newport, RI. It’s a beautiful single screen house with ornate wood work, gold curtain, and balcony. We are screening Miracle on 34th St, Santa is due to arrive by fire truck. The place is packed with kids who sit on Santa’s lap before the show. I thread up the preview reel and the first reel of “Miracle” this is a one time showing. I get the call from downstairs to fire it up (literally as we are burning carbons). I start the preview reel and sit down to look at the morning paper. Unfortunately the preview is an “R” rated preview of “An American Werewolf in London”. By the time the horrified parents inform the owner and he “blasts” me on the intercom the preview is practically done.

I’m sure had we not had a full house the owner would have fired me on the spot and paraded me before the hysterical crowd as well. Some years later owner Joe Jarvis and I would have a laugh about this episode.

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