Site History

This site was first created in late 1997, while studying at Loughbourgh University. It started as a way of saving bookmarks that were useful, in the early days of the Internet and before Google existed. Over time the site grew and developed. It was a collection of links, coursework material, and other bits and pieces. In 2000 the Mad Cornish Projectionist domain name was purchased and the site was put up onto the server it is now hosted on. In 2020 rebranding started to take place and Mad Cornish Projectionist was changed to MCP – Media|Cinema|Projection to reflect a change in direction of both the website and business but to better reflect the modern world. While the brand has changed, Mad Cornish Projectionist remains for those that knew the title in the early days.

As the information and items on the site grew, particularly in relation to cinema and projection, I decided that it would be better to split the sites. At this point, all none cinema-related material was moved to a different site, most of which is no longer online. These days my none cinema material can be found on my ‘personal’ site –