1. Can I link to this Site/I have a site to submit

It is fine to link to the site, just let me know, so I can add a link back (if the site is relievant). If you want to use a logo, then right click on the picture and select save as.
Mad Cornish Projectionist LogoThe Mad Cornish Projectionist Information Website

2. Can I have some career information on being a projectionist? How do you become a projectionist? Where can I get job information on being a projectionist?

There is now a whole section on this, just follow this link. The page provides a large amount of information about what skills you need, and provides a large number of futher resources to follow.

3. Looking for information on projector or other equipment or getting old equipment working.

I have very little technical knowledge on all the cinema equipment available, but there are a couple of very useful sources of information. Film Tech and Fim Center can provide a large number of manuals which are freely available to download.

4. I have equipment to get rid of.

I personally have no requirement for equipment. You could try selling the equipment via ebay or try looking at the Big Screen Biz website. These cinema equipment supplies and engineers maybe intersted in purchasing them:


5. Can I do Work Experience with you?

Unfortuantely I am only a part-time projectionist and so it is not possibly. If you want to do some work experience then I would suggest that you contact your local cinema.

6. I am trying to project an image outside

See answer to question 11

7. I am trying to re-open a dead cinemas

Under the Reports section of the website there is a a link to a report for the BFI which details who to do this in great detail with case studies as well. Also try this link Big Screen Biz FAQ for opening screens. I have also just put a page together called Cinema Information and Advice with some useful information. Also see the answer to question 4 as they can all help provide equipment.

8. What are Cue dots and Splice marks and where can I find them on the Internet

Information on cue dots can be found in the changeover section of this website.

9. Where can I rent 35mm projectors from?

I believe that both www.bell-theatres.com and www.soundassociates.co.uk can provided projectioni equipment to hire.

10. Countdowns – what are they/what they are for/where to get them on the net?

Countdowns are found on the headers and footers of each reel and it tells the projectionist how long they have left before the picture appears on screen (if it is on the header). The counter starts on 12 and goes to three (the last three seconds are black). There are a number of places on the web to find examples of these. At the moment I don’t have any links for them.

11. I want to screen a film in a field, boat, outside, in a hall, need a projector for a film etc etc?

Your best bet is to talk to one of the companies listed on this page, as they have the experience and expertise to be able to help.

12. I’m interested in projectoring DVD films outside or running non first release films…..

Information on ECinema Projectors, which are the cheaper sort of projector to project from if you wish to project from DVD:

The company in the UK which provides licensed DVDs for playing to the public is a company called FILMBANK, there website is: http://www.filmbank.co.uk/

It is worth looking at this site as it lists the specifications of their kit, which is for outside screenings: http://www.moviesunderthestars.com.au/specs.html

13. I’m a production company making x,y,z

Fill free to get in touch. More details can be found here