My memories of starting out as a Trainee Projectionist for ABC Cinemas in 1955, I was responsible for the cleanliness of the areas in and around the projection room, for example Generator room, rewind room, staff room, I was only allowed to rewind, and was never allowed to run any projector until I was promoted to a 4th, and then it was under supervision, at the time we had six Projectionists employed in the box.
The machines at the Carlton ABC Liverpool were Ross, with Peerless arc lamps, I have photographs of them, in their present state, the cinema is still standing but has been allowed to deteriorate, but the projectors and Peerless Arks are still there, although in a very poor state.
I remember the old cinema in Bude, I was employed as a Coach Driver based in Liverpool, our passengers were always booked into the Burn Court Hotel, Burn View, for a five day holiday, and with having plenty of time on my hands at evenings, I approached the Manager and asked him if I could have a look around the Projection room, I became friendly with the Projectionist at that time, and would occasionally pay him a visit and have a chat, that was back in 1982, when the building also had a skating rink. 
If I remember rightly, I also parked my coach on the same piece of land adjacent to the cinema.   
Kind regards
Harry Wakeford