Flix has a large amount of professional equipment, which can see be seen in some cinema today. We have a 35mm Victora 5 projector, affectionately known as Vicky. This make of projector is commonly used in cinema’s all over the world. It is unknown how old Vicky is, but she is at least 15 years old. Linked to Vicky, is a 2000W Zenith lamphouse.

Flix also own a Westrex Tower which allows us to show films up to three hours on a continuous basis, without having to change reels. This courses less work for the projectionists, but more for the committee, who have to make and and take apart the films as they arrive each week. Typically this can take upto an hour for each process, although it has been known to be done in a much shorter time.

The sound system is old and is not very common in cinema’s anymore. However, despite being temperamentaly does provde us with Dolby ‘A’, surround sound. The sound system has a cassette and CD player attached to it to play music before the start of a programme, and has the option for other inputs if required.

We are also lucky enough to have a 16mm Fumeo projector. Unto now this projector has not seen much use, but starting with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it might start seeing more use than before.

We also have three portable 16mm projectors and a 8mm projector which are avialble for use. There is also a portable screen.

A more detail anaylsis of the equipment can be found in the projectionists Manual.

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