A Cookie is a small file which is created website you visit and stored on your computer. It is used by the website to store some information about you or your computer for use later. They are frequently used in shopping carts, logins and in providing statistics on a websites use.

For further information on cookies including stopping or deleting them please see

Use of Cookies on

Cookie Allowance

In order for us to track if you have consented to the use of cookies on this website we use a single cookie, which will persist for a long period of time. This cookie will only be used if you consent to the use of cookies by this site.


This site uses cookies to help us improve the site, by providing information on how users use the site. No personal information on you is collected, only anonymous information your computer provides automatically as part of web browsing. This is an optional feature of this site which will only be active if you consent to the use of cookies by this site.

Site Sharing

This website uses the ShareThis feature to allow users to share the site’s pages with other people through social networking sites. This feature uses a number of cookies, of which we have no direct control. This is an optional feature of this site which will only be active if you consent to the use of cookies by this site.


This website uses Google DoubleClick to display adverts on this website. We have no direct control over the cookies used by this advertising system. You can opt out of these cookies on all websites at Google’s Advertsing Cookie opt out page.

Website Admin

As this website is created using WordPress it includes a secure admin system for editing the websites features. This admin system requires the use of cookies to function. These cookies will only be set if an authorised user use the admin system and will not effect visitors to this website.

Cookie List

The following table lists the cookies used by this site

Name Cookies Purpose More Information
Cookie Acceptance allow_cook This cookie is set when a user agrees to allow this site to use cookies. It is used to remove the cookie bar at the top of the website and will allow other cookies to be used.
Google Analytics _utma
These cookies are set by our web statistics system provided by Google. They are to allow use to gain anonymous information on how each visitor to our web site uses the site. This information is used to help us improve the website. Google’s privacy information
ShareThis __stid
Used by the share this feature, which is used by this site to help share pages via social networking sites. ShareThis’s Privacy Policy
Google DoubleClick _drt_
Used by Google’s DoubleClick advert system to control adverts presented to a visitor. Used to control relevancy and frequency of adverts as well as provide Google with information regarding the performance of an advertising campaign. DoubleClick for Publishers Cookie Page
WordPress Login wordpress_logged_in_[hash] This cookie is used to indicate you are logged in. The [hash] part of this cookie is a unique value that identifies which account you are logged into. WordPress Cookie Details
WordPress Settings wp-settings-{time}-[UID] Cookies with this format are used to store settings to customise the admin and main site interfaces. The [UID] part of this cookie indicates which login account the settings apply to.