Digital Cinema Media ScreenshotFrom the moment this website first appeared on screen it had me hooked. The site is fantastic and really cries out to be explored from top to bottom. The DCM stands for Digital Cinema Media, the new name for the replacement company to Carlton Screen Advertising – more details about that story can be found in previous editions of Screentrade. Back to the site….

This site is simple, clean and fresh in it’s design, with a standard but affective menu system, with a submenu opening out below it on the lefthand side. The three colour scheme of black, white and orange helps to really in force the new image of the company.

There is a huge aount of information around cinema exhiition and obviouslywhy cinema is a good medium to advertise with. The menu headings easily explain the information you will expect to see below them (Film Information, Research, Planning & Buying, Market Data, Who we are).

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