Digital Cinema

Welcome to the Digital Cinema section of the Mad Cornish Projectionist Website. I thought it was time to embrace the digital age and create an entire section dedicated to providing information, help, advice for Digital Cinema, the Digital Projectionist and all things digital. This section therefore is all about providing the same sorts of information found across the website, but specifically related to this new era in the exhibition industry.

Digital cinema has now well and truely arrived across the world. Everyday there is a new story about a digital cinema development of some sort or nothing. In fact most of the major cinema chains in the UK have made their poisitions known.

Digital cinema is seen as providing the industry with a number of advantages, such as always providing the same quality of presentation screening after screening. However there is a new reasurrance and interest in the concept 3D films.

This section has been divided up to provide information on different elements. There is information on the technical standards and how digital cinema works, what it is, some of it benefits and the economics behind it. There are sections on the different equipment associated with it (servers and projectors etc). Manuals and help and support information along with news all have sections. Digital projectors pave the way for alternative content to be screened in cinemas, so there is an indepth section on all the elements of this – do you know your RGB from your D-Sub? Hopefully the alternative content section will help you out.

As ever I am after your help on this section. So if you have additional information to add to any of the sections, interesting links or your experiences of using the digital technology then please drop me an email.

Created on November 11th, 2007. Last updated on July 15th, 2012.