Renewed Movio contract paves way for ground-breaking data integration at Village Cinemas

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Auckland, New Zealand March 3, 2022: Movio (a Vista Group company) has signed a three-year deal with Australian cinema chain Village Cinemas enabling renewed access to its marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions and new data integration capabilities.


The deal will see Movio’s full suite of products continue to play a major role in Village’s marketing technology ecosystem including Movio Cinema, Research and Madex, allowing the business to harness the power of data and better understand and engage its customers to provide valued cinema experiences.


“Village Cinemas has worked closely with the Movio team for over ten years now. The insights the technology suite provides has provided efficiencies, identified new sales opportunities and offered guests products and services they are truly interested in. Positively impacting the customer experience cannot be overstated,” says Nic Robin, Executive General Manager, Village Cinemas


Village will use the Movio platform to undertake a ground-breaking integration with its Customer Data Platform, Lexer. Village will combine its loyalty and non-loyalty member databases, along with adding new behavioral and sentiment-based data points, to provide a fully actionable 360-degree view of the entire customer base. It will be able to take Movio’s AI driven movie recommendations and combine those with Lexer’s proprietary data enrichment tools to truly understand guests and empower an even more personalised and convenient experience.


“This next phase, supercharged by an advanced Martech ecosystem, driven by data analysis and artificial intelligence is exciting. With Movio, we feel we make smarter decisions and give our guests a more personalised movie-going experience,” says Nic.


The Movio partnership will also include a data sharing agreement for Madex, enabling Village to safely and securely commercialise its data with studios and distributors in Australia.


“Village Cinemas is one of our industry’s leading innovators in their use of customer data and marketing technologies, and I am delighted to see our partnership renewed and revitalized,” says Sarah Lewthwaite, Chief Customer Officer at Movio.


“The rollout of Madex, alongside additional new segmentation and targeting capabilities, will no doubt empower the Village team to continue to trailblaze for years to come. In such a competitive market, we’re really proud to have worked with the team at Village across such a long tenure and signing this agreement demonstrates our joint commitment to further build their future,” she said.