World-renowned dating expert appointed as ODEON’s ‘Head of Row-mance’

  • ODEON has hired celeb dating expert, Lara Asprey to help Brits up their dating game, after new research revealed 3 in 4 (73%) Brits judge their date on cinema behaviour
  • ODEON colleagues have been trained to give those on a date the best chance of success with subtle conversational cues and row-mance suggestions 
  • This month, ODEON will also trial a speed dating evening at ODEON Luxe Leicester Square, hosted by Lara Apsrey 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, ODEON is helping Brits have a successful cinema date by appointing celebrity dating expert Lara Asprey as its first ever ‘Head of Row-mance’. The move comes after new research revealed that 3 in 4 Brits (73%) have been put off their date based on their cinema etiquette, which is unsurprising as the nation is divided (60%) over whether it’s acceptable to kiss during a film.

The research commissioned by ODEON revealed that their dates being on the phone (33%), eating too loudly (30%) and falling asleep (25%) are the most common turn-offs Brits encounter on their cinema date, with a further 50% judging their date purely on their film choice. Some people are even striking out before the trailers have begun. Alongside kissing, cinema etiquette is a cause for confusion for British daters, with working out how to split the bill (53%) and deciding on the genre of film to go for (46%). 35% of daters were, however, certain that the ideal seat location during a date is the back section, with a majority of 97% insisting that the end of the row against the wall does nothing to inspire some much-needed row-mance.

Lara, who provided dating advice to numerous celebrities and high-profile identities, has trained ODEON colleagues to assist those on a date and subtly steer budding romantics in the right direction.

From equipping them with ice breakers designed to encourage conversation to flow, to giving recommendations on what to eat and drink for the best impression, ODEON colleagues will be the unofficial wing men and women for the UK’s dating scene, instilling the cinema’s position as the ultimate date night destination.

Head of Row-mance, Lara Asprey said: “I am excited to train the team at ODEON on cinema dating etiquette. The role of cinema in our lives now goes further than just enjoying the movie itself, audiences are craving sensory experiences and indeed romantic ones. ODEON has long been a top date night destination, and now the team will be even more prepped to host those on a date with ice breakers and specialised recommendations.”

Chris Bates, Commercial Director at ODEON UK & Ireland added: “Whilst Valentine’s Day is a huge time for daters to visit the big screen, we see ODEON as a great choice for date night all year round. Most of us know how tricky a first or second date can be, so we’re very excited to have Lara on board to provide our colleagues with the skills to help those in need!”

The month of love will culminate with a trial speed dating evening at ODEON Luxe Leicester Square. In conjunction with popular dating agency, SpeedDater and hosted by Lara Asprey, singletons will be in for a night of food, flirting and film.

For those looking to impress their date with a trip to the big screen, ODEON’s Head of Row-mance gives her top cinema dating tips:

1.       Make an evening out of it. It can be awkward to go straight into a film without having the chance to chat a little first. Organise an earlier start and meet at the cinema for some drinks to break the ice before you sit down to watch the film.

2.       Consider what you watch carefully. Anything too dramatic or overly romantic and smoochy can actually be a bit awkward for the early stage daters so agree on it beforehand and choose your seats wisely. Go for a lighthearted rom-com or a good thriller or action movie that you would both enjoy without feeling too uncomfortable at all the kissing scenes!

3.       Share that popcorn. As talking in the cinema is a no-no, it’s going to be all about touch so any prompts that enable you to get closer to one another are key. Order shareable food which makes you need to lean into one another.

4.       Awaken the senses. Whilst you always want to look your best on a date, consider how you can use your other senses aside from sight. Wear your favourite perfume and take the opportunity to touch your date throughout the film. Tap them on the shoulder to offer them more snacks or put your hand on their hand to reassure them when things get scary.

5.       Be courteous. It can be tricky to sit in silence with someone you don’t know well, and so often it’s tempting to try to show your personality during a movie date with a bit of conversation, or loud munching of the nachos but this not only irritates others around you, but will go a long way to putting off your date too.

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