Go watch ‘The Final Reel’ Documentary

Last night I was lucky enough to watch a documentary entitled ‘The Final Reel‘ Documentary at the wonderful Regent Street Cinema as part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations for the Cinema Theatre Association. According to the director, the film started as a short but there was so much material that in order to do the subject justice it needed to be a full feature. Narrated by Sir John Hurt the film tells the story of cinema from the early days of silent cinema, through the golden age of the picture palace to the modern multiplexes and beyond. There were whole sections of the film that caused the audience to laugh out loud. If you have any interest in any aspect of the history of cinema exhibition then this is the film to watch. While the film specifically looks at Norfolk, so much of the information is relevant to the country as a whole. The trailer is below and the film is being self-distributed to cinemas at the moment, before becoming available in other formats later in the year, further details can be found at: http://www.thefinalreelfilm.co.uk/.